Frequency Asked Questions

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What is this? This is the website I always wanted to create: a place to share knowledge of digital signal processing for software radios. Hopefully you'll find it useful.

I tried compiling your source code and I got some weird error. What's the deal? No big deal. It could very well be a bug in my code. Submit an issue on github .

I'm trying to use liquid-dsp to implement some particular standard. Neat! Get in touch and I might be able to help.

Why now? Why later?

I'm tring to get into DSP or SDR but I don't undersand X. This isn't technically a question, but let me know about X and I might write a blog post about it.

I'm trying to build your software library on platform X. Can you help? Yes, I'll do my best, but short of owning platform X there's only a limited amount of things I can do. My apologize in advance to Windows users.