Multi-Stage Half-band Resampler (msresamp2)

API Keywords: msresamp2 dyadic half-band resample two multi-stage filterbank

The msresamp2 object implements a multi-stage half-band resampler use for efficient interpolation and decimation.

Below is a code example demonstrating the msresamp2 interface.

#include <liquid/liquid.h>

int main() {
    // options
    int          type       = LIQUID_RESAMP_DECIM;
    unsigned int num_stages = 4;        // decimate by 2^4=16
    float        fc         =  0.1f;    // signal cut-off frequency
    float        f0         =  0.0f;    // (ignored)
    float        As         = 60.0f;    // stop-band attenuation

    // create multi-stage arbitrary resampler object
    msresamp2_crcf q = msresamp2_crcf_create(type, num_stages, fc, f0, As);

    float complex x[16];    // input buffer
    float complex y;        // output sample

    // ... initialize input ...

    // execute resampler
    msresamp2_crcf_execute(q, x, &y);

    // ... repeat as necessary ...

    // clean up allocated objects




Figure [fig-filter-msresamp2]. msresamp2_crcf (multi-stage half-band resampler) interpolator demonstration with a stop-band suppression \(A_s=60\) dB at the rate \(r = 8\) .

[ref:fig-filter-msresamp2] gives a graphical depiction in both the time and frequency domains of the multi-stage half-band resampler acting as an interpolator.