The framing module contains objects and methods for packaging data into manageable frames and packets. For convention, liquid refers to a "packet" as a group of binary data bytes (often with forward error-correction applied) that need to be communicated over a wireless link. Objects that operate on packets in liquid are the bpacketgen, bpacketsync and packetizer structures. By contrast, a "frame" is a representation of the data once it has been properly partitioned, encapsulated, and modulated before transmitting over the air. Framing objects included in liquid are the frame64 , flexframe , gmskframe, and ofdmflexframe structures which greatly simplify over-the-air digital communication of raw data. The framing module also contains some high-level functions for simplifying packetizing data, such as the interleaver , packetizer , and bpacket objects.

  • bpacket - binary packet generator and synchronizer objects
  • flexframe - flexible framing structure
  • frame64 - fixed-length (64-byte) framing strucutre
  • interleaver - data interleaver
  • ofdmflexframe - flexible framing structure for orthogonal frequency-divisional multiplexing (OFDM)
  • packetizer - simple data packet encoding and decoding

Here are some tutorials that will help you get started: